Yuletide Greetings from Tenby, 2018

and Happy 2019!
After a long and stressful selling process, I'm finall out of my beloved Rhodewood Cottage, but as "Events dear boy" as Harold Macmillan said have delayed my plans, I'm not yet in my new house in the Glebe, though I hope it won't be too long.  I'm temporarily staying with Ray, my old friend and neighbour, so I'm watching what's being done to the Cottage with interested detachment - after all, it isn't my home any more!

I've lost a couple of good friends this year, and a couple of others are going through the mill.  That is life unfortunately, but, if you look for it, there is joy to be had every day, so "carpe diem" and Happy Christmas to  you all, and to your loved ones:  may you take your joy where you can!
I shall be putting up some photos of my new house by the weekend.