We are indebted to the following organisations and individuals:

Andrew Rees

Lewis and Lewis

Supported by Sainsbury's

Port Engineering

The Giltar Hotel

The Friends of Tenby Male Choir

This group grew out of the choir's social events, supported, helped and organised by wives and friends.  It was then suggested that a "women's group" be formed, to support the choir in financial ways.  (Over the years the choir had raised many many thousands of pounds for charities, but relatively little for itself.)  Over the last nine or ten years the Ladies' Group has raised funds to provide, amongst other things, new music, uniforms, and an electronic piano.  The group is grateful that all its events, ranging from pig-roasts to wine-tasting evenings have been well supported and successful.  The ladies' group is not only for wives and partners of choristers, but is open to any lady who wishes to join them in their efforts to support Tenby Male Choir in any way possible.  We meet on the first Friday of every month in the Tenby & County Club, home of Tenby Male Choir.  There is no formal committee - every voice has equal weight.  For further info, contact the choir secretary.

Music Friends
This comprises people who have sponsored
individual pieces of music, sometimes in memory of loved ones.
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